Stake Your
Presale Tokens
for High APY!

Get ready for high returns with PawFury! Soon, you'll be able to stake your PawFury presale tokens in our dynamic staking program and earn generous APY.

Enter the $PAW Factory

Unleash the Power of Staking Soon!

Our platform is gearing up to offer seamless staking options,where you can easily stake or unstake your tokens.
Keep in mind, only staked tokens are eligible to earn the rewarding APY. Stay tuned for this exciting feature!


Access Your Tokens:

Claim any tokens youโ€™ve previously purchased here.

Current staked: 0.00

Lifetime rewards: 0.00


Harvest Your Rewards:

Ready to claim your staking rewards? Hereโ€™s what youโ€™ve earned.

Unclaim reward: 0.00


Your Flexibility, Your Control:

Unstake your tokens and redeem your APY rewards.

Unlock time: Available after token launch